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Soon your words will no longer be engraved in stone: It is still not possible to delete messages sent to Facebook Messenger. But this feature will be added soon. Now the developers have already revealed what the restrictions are for receiving messages.

One of the new features of updating Messenger to 191.0 is “In Planning”, which informs you more about receiving sent messages. This means you only have 10 minutes to delete the message. So if you don’t notice relatively quickly that you want to retract your words, it’s too late.

Delete text and images

In Facebook Messenger you can not only delete texts. You can also delete content, such as photos, if it has been sent to the wrong person. In addition, the update log does not contain any additional information about this feature. But soon the update will take a while to appear.

The delete function is performed relatively late: This function has been available to WhatsApp for quite some time. You also have a little over an hour to delete the submitted content. It is not clear why the company decided to use Facebook Messenger for a much shorter period of time. Just pay attention to the texts and photos that are sent to one person or another. This can save you a lot of trouble. There is always the possibility that your interlocutor saw the content of the chat before it was deleted.

Delete Facebook Messenger as in WhatsApp

The reception of a message is activated in the application by long click and lying on the corresponding email. After a while you will see the options “Delete” and “Delete for all” according to Facebook. The original recipients will be notified that the message has been deleted after it has been deleted.

Author: George T. Carico

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