Tips for savings in telecommunications

Tip #1: Call and surf the Internet for free right now.
You should read this saving advice carefully. Because you may be paying Handyvertrag senselessly and paying for phone calls and expensive Internet packages every month. Now it’s over. Because there are a lot of providers who give away free SIM cards – often even with free credit.

If you order all of these SIM cards and, if possible, terminate your current mobile phone contract, you can easily save 360 € per year on the cost of your mobile phone. As a second SIM card you can use a SIM card with free devices. Since many mobile phones have a dual SIM card feature, this means that you can easily switch between SIM cards. And if not, just use your old mobile phone as your second mobile phone.

With your Whatsapp-SIM card you can do Whatsappen without restrictions – even without WLAN and credit. With a SIM card you will also receive a start credit of 15 €. Call in the future with Whatsapp and pay your mobile phone bills after a few days.

Free phone calls and free internet surfing

Do you want to make calls, surf the Internet and send SMS for free without a contract? With a WhatsApp-SIM card from you can surf the Internet every month for free and at high speed, as well as make unlimited free phone calls. In comparison, you will also receive a free credit from suppliers for a total of 300 euros. You can order a new, almost free SIM card online in just a few clicks.

If you want to make free calls from your mobile phone and surf the Internet an unlimited number of times for free, don’t miss these steps and save your tips. We will show you how to use the Internet for free every month, find the cheapest rates for mobile phones and how to get a 300 euro credit for free calls and SMS. Discount campaigns are useful both for those who call and use the Internet frequently and for ordinary users. Even if you are still bound by the contract at the moment, you should bring free devices for free phone calls and free use of the Internet. Because ordering SIM cards is quick and easy, without hidden costs. For example, if your devices are already used up on your old mobile phone, you can still make free calls, send text messages and surf the Internet.

Offers are constantly changing and are usually only valid for 1-2 weeks. Therefore, we advise you to take care of your free credit quickly and block the free apartment online.

Comment: The current winner of the test is the Whatsapp SIM card. In addition to the free loan of up to 40 €, there is a Whatsapp apartment that can be used even without a mobile phone loan. The Whatsapp SIM card is currently the only prepaid offer with which you can write to your friends for free. In addition, the Whatsapp SIM card also offers the lowest unit price. You will pay at least 0.7 cents per minute/SMS/MB with any other provider. We have also found no hidden costs. Even sending a SIM card is free. The only drawback is that a SIM card costs a little more for a disposable 10 € card than other offers.

Author: George T. Carico

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