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Maximum increase in tax refunds
Tax is the biggest expense for most people. However, very few people know how to bypass them. The potential for savings is enormous. And we promise you: This is much easier than you think. Did you know, for example, that you can deduct any kind of tax advice – whether it’s tax consultants, books, online tools or trips to a tax consultant? You can also delete app folders, photos, etc. Very few people also know that a way to work or university can be deducted – however you get there. You can also deduct anything that the Health Insurance Fund does not pay for.

What you can deduct from the tax:

What is deducted from your tax:

Expenses related to filing a tax return: expenses for tax consultations, expenses for tax instruments/disks, trips to the tax office, trips to the tax consultant, etc.
Technical literature: industry journals, books, etc.
Donations: Donation receipts issued in your name
Costs of medical care that are not covered by the insurance company: Anything that is not covered can be deducted.
Application costs: All costs associated with applications, i.e. folders with applications, photos, etc.
Access to work or university: Whether you are there by car, train, bicycle or on foot.
Exceptional fee: If, for example, you had to buy new furniture due to fire or theft.
Home office: Do you work from home? Then deduct your job from the tax.

Reimbursement for cancelled and overdue flights – 3 years retroactively

Did you know that in minutes you can get thousands of euros back for late and canceled flights? There are up to 600 € per flight and per passenger! You can easily get your expenses back online with just a few clicks. Money is also available if the general conditions indicate that the flight is non-refundable. Because under EU law you are entitled to do so. The only requirement is that your flights departed or landed from the EU.

By the way, the chances of success are 100%. And you’ll get your money back in just a few clicks. So, you have no risk. By clicking on the link, you can check whether your flights are refundable or not, completely free of charge.

And what else: By the way, you also get compensation for flights within the package tours.


Author: George T. Carico

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