How do I make a living traveling?

There’s no doubt I’ve been asked more often. And I am always happy to answer that question because I understand it very well. There is at least one feeling just to travel and walk, and somehow she still earns enough money because she doesn’t look too tired, and she also has a roof over her head when she doesn’t sleep in her tent.
I can’t explain what I do, but it’s very short and clear, so here’s a long version. In this article you will learn how all this works and what it means to you as a reader, that I make money as a traveler and as an outdoor blogger.

It is important that tourist bloggers travel. Because there is no content without travel, and without content there is no blog. As you know, travel is not a cheap pastime and travel associations, hotels, car rentals, airlines, etc.. They have the opportunity to announce their address or offer through cooperation with bloggers. This is done mainly through blog entries and integration into social media messages, but other forms are also possible, such as the creation of images and texts for cooperation channels of partners. As a blogger, you not only have the ability to minimize transportation costs, but also to generate revenue.


Another important support for bloggers is the cooperation with the brands, in my case, of course, especially with the manufacturers of outdoor equipment. Brands and manufacturers like to work with bloggers because their blog and its recommendations are based on their individuality, so there is a certain trust between the blogger and the reader. In addition, bloggers always talk to their readers and often ask for advice when travelling or buying new equipment.
That’s why I’m particularly cautious here and only work with those brands that I can fully support and only positively promote the products that I’ve used myself and have found good. Especially in the outdoor sector, everything else would be unjustified, because often these are not luxury items, but those directly related to physical well-being. I would have preferred not to receive thank-you letters from readers who bought a leaky raincoat or a badly insulated sleeping bag because of me.


Join what? An affiliate means, in principle, that by recommending or linking products and offers to others, it participates in the turnover of a successful sale without requiring the buyer to pay extra. Especially for tourist bloggers, who naturally travel a lot, this is certainly good because it is a passive income. After establishing a connection, it is theoretically possible to earn money permanently without any other action.

Author: George T. Carico

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