Top-selling Used Electric Cars in July 2019

9.34% of all new cars will be equipped with alternative drive systems in July. Net electric cars account for 1.8% (5963 cars). Conversely, only Uncle AutoUncle has been able to sell 2,312 electronic cars in the used car market; if you count only one of the best selling used electric car brands. As you’re used to it, this month we’ll look at the bestsellers of used electric/electric vehicles in July 2019. As always, this is only part of the real market, as we have limited access to reliable market data as a whole. But already now this understanding shows that the used car market is at half the level of new electric car registrations. First of all, we look at the used car market by actual brands. A lot has happened not only for individual brands. Overall, sales rose from 1,763 electronic machines to 2,312 used electronic machines. A month ago, in May, there were still 1471 used electric cars left, which changed owners. 17,586, with 13,402 km on the speedometer. Renault is far ahead not only in terms of the number of cars sold, but also these days. Only in Tesla, where 72 cars have changed owners at an average price of 59 921 euros, parking lasts 30 days. These cars had to drive 82,413 kilometers on their digital display. There was a change in the second place in the ranking. BMW took second place among the “smart” and sold 278 used electric cars. The average cost of these vehicles was €27,978 and 23,903 km per speedometer. “In third place are 250 used cars with an average cost of €17,698 and 13,227 km on a digital display. VW (166), Hyundai (133) and Nissan with 112 cars at points 4 to 6. Seventh place is taken by Tesla, but most of the kilometers from 109.795 km. Behave a look at the second-hand car market in July 2019 by model. The fact that Renault ZOE hacked into the “magic” brand 1000 should be of particular interest here. A total of 1,070 vehicles were sold for a total of 18,431 euros and an average of 12,293 km2 . Second place in the ranking was taken by BMW i3, which sold 278 units. Sales of 101 vehicles more than doubled in June. The average price for the car was €27,667, with an average of 24,199 km The leader in the ranking is Tesla Model S with an average selling price of 57,404 euros and an average mileage of 85,061 km. The tweets from Renault were the cheapest. 6,478 euros, 20,801 km by announcement. Otherwise, the model rating will remain the same, without any surprises. It is interesting to know what will change in the coming months.

Author: George T. Carico

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