Free time tips

Free training in fitness studios online free of charge

Instead of paying an expensive gym membership that you never use, you should train for free at the online gyms. For example, in NewMoove from FitnessFirst you get a 7-day pass for free. You don’t need to cancel either – it’s automatic. Online fitness studios are much cheaper than regular fitness studios, by the way. You’ll also probably train more often, because even with a busy daily program, you’ll always be able to train fast for half an hour and save yourself time on the trip.

Get your favorite magazines for free

Did you know that you can get over 450 newspapers and favorite magazines for free? Many newspapers have a free trial subscription that ends automatically. In many magazines, you also get a cash bonus in the amount of the purchase amount or crossed out checks. Sometimes the bonus is even higher than the subscription fee! You can easily order magazines and newspapers using the links below.

Cancellation in just a few minutes

First, look at your account statements and check which subscriptions you have issued but are not currently using, for example:

Gym membership: Do you really use it? If you haven’t been there in the last 4 weeks, you must cancel immediately – with a few clicks of the mouse on the Internet. It’s better to use the free online gym

Newspapers and magazines: Read more than 450 newspapers and magazines for free. Unsubscribe and sign up again and again. Because thanks to the crossed out checks and Amazon vouchers, you often get back the entire purchase price.

Mobile Contract: Bet you pay too much? Compare your tariff with a free prepaid SIM card instead of a monthly surf and phone bill.

Online Video Store: Many online stores offer a free trial of video for a month.

Those who like to have fun for free can choose from free movie, TV series, music or audiobook offers. With our savings tips, for example, you can transfer movies and TV series completely free for 3 months on a trial subscription. There are also many films and series in English and other languages. For those who prefer to listen to music and audiobooks, trial membership offers free streaming services for up to 9.5 months. Don’t worry, all of our services are fully legal.

Author: George T. Carico

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