Ways to Save Money on Summer Rent.

How to save money on rent when you travel
You’re traveling this summer and you don’t want to pay the rent while you’re away? Thanks to platforms like Airbnb, it’s now easy to find people who want to stay at home while you travel. It’s a great way to finance your travels. But as a tenant, can you rent your house? If so, what options do you have?

Looking for a long-term sublease
The most obvious option for saving money on rent when you’re out in the summer is to find a subtenant. However, it can be difficult to find someone willing to stay for the same period of time that you will be traveling.

In addition, subletting your home may also be contrary to the terms of your lease. The easiest option for finding a summer sublease is to arrange it with someone you know personally and trust.

Subletting through platforms like Craigslist can be very risky. Your guest may stop paying rent and cause damage. Therefore, it is best to be paid in advance and ask for a deposit.

Finding short-term tenants
A flexible option for saving money on summer rentals, and possibly making a profit, is to use platforms like Airbnb.

To do this, you may need the owner’s permission; however, since you have no advantage, you will most likely withhold your consent.

Using SharenSplit will allow you to list your property on Airbnb with the permission of its owner. The service allows you to arrange with the owner for permission to stay at Airbnb.

With SharenSplit, the tenant receives most of Airbnb’s earnings that can contribute to their rent payments. The landlord receives a small portion of Airbnb’s income as a premium over the long-term rent paid by the tenant.

This allows the tenant to earn money through short-term rentals of the property while ensuring that the landlord receives one hundred percent of the rental costs, plus some extras.

If you’re looking for security and flexibility, that’s the way to go.

Offering to pay the entire rent in advance in exchange for reducing the summer rent
One of the landlord’s biggest concerns is the security of future rent payments. Unreliable tenants can leave landlords empty-handed, especially towards the end of the tenancy.

One way to reduce the cost of summer rent is to offer to pay it up front but at a reduced cost. Many homeowners will love the idea of a lump sum payment, so it’s important to know your bargaining power and properly negotiate a discount.

Some homeowners may even accept a fifty percent reduction just to have the money up front.

Author: George T. Carico

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