The best tips for saving food

Buy food online

Register online at supermarkets and buy food only online. This has 4 advantages:

  1. Finding the cheapest products is easier: The filtering functions allow you to find the cheapest product on the Internet much faster and easier. In a normal supermarket, products are placed in such a way that you intuitively lose the cheapest ones.

Fewer impulse purchases: In an online supermarket, you are looking for the exact products you need. In a normal supermarket, things are different. A supermarket is deliberately created in such a way that you unconsciously buy products that were not on the shopping list.

  1. use discount vouchers: Many online retailers offer a €5 discount voucher for free newsletter subscription. If you use the voucher and Allyouneed, you have already received a free meal for 10 € – with just a few clicks. At and Allyouneed you only need to subscribe to the free newsletter and the discount voucher will be sent to you automatically. With Rewe you get a discount of 10 € as a new customer. Shipping costs vary according to region and order and start from 0,99 €. Depending on where you live, you will also receive free meals for 9 €. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter with a single click.
  2. It takes at least one hour to get to and from the supermarket. You can buy the same items online in just a few minutes. Your time is the monetary value. It is best to use the extra time you earn to earn money online.

Cook for a few cents a meal.

Prepared meals are usually much more expensive than freshly prepared meals. And outside food is more expensive anyway. Prepared meals also cause hunger. So in a matter of seconds you’ll be hungry for new food and spend money on extra food.

But cooking a healthy, good meal is much easier than you think. With a few tricks, you only spend a few cents on food. We have compiled several cookbooks that will help you prepare almost free, simple, good and useful recipes. Amazon often also offers used cookbooks – for just a few euros. Even if you spend 10 € on a book, you will have the money in your pocket in a few days…….. Because instead of spending 3 to 5€ on frozen pizza, now you call your own pizza for a few cents in 10 minutes…….

Plan your purchases

Create a weekly purchase plan. Plan to buy for a longer period instead of buying small lots. In general, larger packages are much cheaper per gram/liter than smaller ones. If you live in a shared apartment, you should coordinate your actions with your neighbors. This will save everyone money.

When working with durable food, you should plan for the long term and take care of your actions. Compare different online supermarkets here.

Also buy products by season and by region. Because the food that comes from your region is certainly more favorable. Because the price only includes low transportation and storage costs. Foods from the current season are usually much cheaper than off-season. Because during the season there are food products in your region that are grown elsewhere and are transported inexpensively or grown in greenhouses.

Tips for saving in the cold season: In winter you can save money, especially on roots, tubers, lamb salad and apples.
Summer Saving Tip: Cauliflower, mushrooms, cucumbers and berries of all kinds are especially economical in spring and summer.
Buy staples: Noodles, potatoes and rice are very inexpensive and provide you with long-term satiety. Buy these products better in large quantities, so that you save in the long run and keep all your staples at home for a long period of time.

Buy products at reduced prices: A baker, for example, often offers bread the day before for half the price. But even in supermarkets, food is often offered at reduced prices. This is because they are just before the expiration date or because the labels have been printed incorrectly. Also, check online supermarket promotions at a discounted price on a regular basis. They can be easily compared.

Author: George T. Carico

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