3 tips for beginners

Do you feel like camping in nature? All right, we’re talking! But you have no idea what to pay attention to and what the most important things newcomers need. We’ll give you some hiking tips and tricks. We’d like to help you get out of the way and we’ll also tell you a little bit about how to find the right equipment for your hiking trips. Sitting on the sofa is also boring. With our 9 hiking tips for beginners, you can no longer do too much wrong and nothing prevents you from travelling!

1. Start slowly as a beginner!

Absolutely useless to start for the first time with excursions of 30 kilometers or more. It should not be 3000 meters in the Alps. You will immediately lose the pleasure of hiking. These long and exhausting tours are recommended only for tourists with some experience and preparation. At first, the body is not accustomed to this stress and recognizes it as such.

Choose short walks in your area and see if it really is the best option for you. At first 5 to 10 kilometers is enough. The net walking time is two to three hours.

2. Meals and drinks during the walk

On average, trained tourists lose about 0.6 liters of liquid per hour. To compensate for this loss of water, it is necessary to drink 2 to 4 liters of liquid per day. Regular water or herbal teas or lightly sweetened fruits and sprays are adequate. In the case of juicers, mix the juice with water in a ratio of 1:1 or 1:2.

This will give him an isotonic drink. Have you heard of him? Maybe. All this simply means that the ratio of nutrients to liquids corresponds to the ratio of nutrients in human blood, and therefore nutrients can be absorbed by the body particularly quickly.

3. Tips for hiking equipment

There’s no bad weather here, just the wrong camping clothes and the wrong attitude, which is a surprising clue. But there’s nothing more to say…… This is, of course, bullshit! The topic can cover a whole article on its own. Functional underwear, insulating fleece or shell, trousers: everything is prepared for almost any weather condition.

The perfect backpack should not be missing either, thanks to your backpack and your shoulders. We have written some more tips to prepare for the Eifelsteig exhibition. Don’t forget your raincoat, at the beginning there are enough umbrellas, but you have to protect yourself from the rain. Wet to the bone, hiking is not for beginners or professionals.

Walking equipment will play an even more important role in the most demanding tours.

Author: George T. Carico

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