5 Tip savings on purchases

Buy used ones when possible

Buy used clothes, electronics, books, etc. – even if you absolutely want to have the latest model. Because even if the latest iphone has just been released, you will find it much cheaper on ebay and other platforms. Perhaps the product hasn’t been used at all. The latest trends from the current collection are also available online. Because there are many people who have bought this item, wore it once and would like to sell it again. Others simply post on the Internet what they have been given, and they no longer like it. So you can only buy new things in exceptional cases. This saves 50% or more of the cost.

By the way, the platforms specialize in different products. Some specialize in electronics, others in clothing, and others in books. In any case, compare all platforms to find the best price for your product. And the last tip: always write directly to the seller and try to negotiate the price again. With this strategy, you often succeed and save hundreds of euros a year. When you’ve finished cleaning your clothes, you should also check everything you have to make sure you can’t sell them. Do you still have an old mobile phone, tablet or laptop? Even guides and books can be sold well…

Buy Goods or exhibits from technical productsBuy Goods or exhibits from technical products.

Category B products in laptops, tablets, mobile phones or TVs are products that have minor defects, such as scratches on the case, but no limitations in functionality. Or they are products that have been returned. Often they are just products that have been exhibited in a store or showcase and are therefore no longer in their original packaging. This product is usually offered at a significantly reduced price. Thus, you get the latest technology quickly and at half price if you accept the minimum amount of scratches.

Most important savings advice: Start now. Don’t put it off for tomorrow and especially for tomorrow. Because you can do much more if you do things directly. Just adjust the 5 parts you have now, and you don’t need them anymore. You’ll see: It’s fun: When you sell your first things, it’s like an addiction!

Author: George T. Carico

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